About Us

     The PHU Promark Company was incorporated in June 1998 and initially provided services in education and marketing. In 2004 the Company expanded its field of activity by adding the trade of construction materials. From the very beginning of its existence the Company operates primarily on the B2B market, supplying the materials both in Poland and abroad. The increasing need in specialization and individualization of customers servicing promotes the founding of new companies, including the Promark Inwestycje Sp. z o.o., which undertakes the B2B sector activities.

     Promark is the leader in supply of heat insulating materials, specializing in both the sale of such materials and in the consulting services provision. This is the only wholesale warehouse owing the spectrophotometers, which combined with six mixing units and skilled personnel ensure the obtainment of any colour required. An experienced team and strictly followed procedures of production control ensure 100-per cent reproducibility of colours and no claims.


     Assistance to Investors and Contractors in gaining competitive advantages on all stages of construction due to the quality, operational efficiency and price.


Continuous development and assertiveness of the Promark Group on the market.


Honesty        Loyalty        Reliability        Partnership.